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150617-Recognition-Express--219The hotel name badges are made mandatory and is often said to have created a huge impact. The executive name badges allows the customer to interact more with the staffs and officials on duty.

  • The hotel name badges are mainly important as it creates a comfort level for the customer to address the staffs. Knowing the name would build in a trust factor and creates a friendly atmosphere. The customer would feel at ease and would be able to communicate with comfort.


  • The easier identification would help the customer to reach the right person easily if they are looking for any help or assistance. The customer can even convey the message to the right person who was taking in charge of them. There are many customers who has personal preference and these name badges would be of great help while recognizing.


  • Executive name badges also brings out the brand value of the restaurant. If a staff has well executed himself then the brand value of the restaurant that he is working will instantly raise as he is carries the image of the company.


  • The customer who have received a positive experience from the staff would like to express it in a token of gesture. Having the identification of the badges will enable the feedbacks reach the right person. It can also include an extra tip.


  • The restaurants and hotels always believe in change and perfection because that is what makes them bog. Thus, they don’t mind changing the staffs if they are not serving the purpose. Thus the identification badge will help the customer and the staffs for a quick introduction.

It’s true that the hotel name badges would really improvises the customer service in all the hotels and restaurants.