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There are apprehensive remarks about wearing name badges, which are visible in many organizations. A few members of different organizations often wonder why these badges should be worn. This write up tries to explain how wearing this could be beneficial. Wearing executive name badges according to your designation will no longer make you an anonymous person within an organization. You will have an identity and you will be accountable for things you do.

Customers like to deal with real people. When they see a name badge on you, they can call you by a name and not merely treat you as someone who serves at a particular position. This also saves people from embarrassing situations like mistaking a common person for an employee. If you work in a hotel, you can wear hotel name badges to avoid this type of misunderstanding to occur. The message that is being sent out is quite clear- you all are working for a particular group or organization and you treat this as very important.

The designs of these badges have to be considered well before placing an order from a company that manufactures or supplies these. Check styles that would suit the working environment of your organization. Besides, you wouldn’t want the customer find it complicated to be able to read what is written in a badge. It should be visible and readable as well. The ideal style is to put the name of the individual in a bigger font and the designation in a smaller font just under it. These minute things could be taken care of while placing order for customized badges with your supplier. Check on the internet and find out different interesting concepts, ideas and styles so that you could think of a unique style for your organization badges.