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Why are corporate gifts important? They help in building good relationships between the company and its employees and clients. These can be given to both regular and prospective clients. This is indirectly expressing the idea that you are happy to be in a business relation with them, you are thankful and you appreciate the hard work or ongoing the business deal between the parties.

Corporate gifts could be purchased in readymade forms from the market or could be customized to give it a personal touch. Customized products mean more in such occasions because it reflects that the company is there for them. It is considered to be an effective way of marketing for strengthening bonds among employers, workers, clients, suppliers etc. Studies have shown that all of the established and successful businesses have the gift culture.

When could gifts be handed out and how? There is no best time for giving out things. However, it suits more if it is occasional- such as New Year or Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. Besides, if your business is located in some other part of the world, you could choose to distribute presents based on the local calendar and culture too.

It is not at all hard to plan for a customized gift giving program. All you need is a manufacturer or supplier that deals in promotional items and corporate gifts. Be it embroidered badges to button badges or pens or wristbands; you could get your gifts personalized, branded and custom made. Keep the image and texture of your organization in mind while you are about to place an order. For example, if you deal in baby clothes then plan for something that resembles the core entity of your business. Finding a present that represents your company if the best thing you can do in a gift giving program.