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150617-recognition-express-176Festive season is right around the corner. It is the time when you take your time to rekindle the old bonds and reinforce your friendships as well as professional relationships.If you are planning to send a card to all your associated, workmates and business partners during the festive season, send along a nice gift. Corporate gifts can work wonders for improving your relationship with your business associates and partners, reminding them about your relationship and the long term bond that you seek.

But you also need to remember that it is not just you that will be sending that gift to your corporate clients but others will also be doing this during festive season. Here are ways that will help you to turn festive season into best marketing stunt ever:

  • Personalize gifts: What makes a regular gift different from personalized gift? It is personalization! You are not only thinking about your organization’s image but also considering the likings of the client. If your client loves wine, send him a wine bottle with personalized label and so on!
  • Be the first one: Try to send out the gifts before anyone else therefore the client remembers you and your gift. When the festive season is close, everyone will be sending flooding the office of your client. Being too late can be bad for you. Also, don’t be too early as well as it might lose the meaning of the gift and occasion.
  • Goodie bags: If you are confused about what to gift, go with the goodie bag including sweets, chocolates, exotic eatables, any memorabilia, personalized badges with cute messages, greeting card or something suitable to the occasion.

For making your corporate gift a success, you need to put in some thoughts and creativity. So, get started!