An ID Badge is a way of identifying yourself and your official capacity as the employee of an enterprise to customers. The ID Badge concept is not a new development; it is a common feature in many organizations and it has been around for as long as commerce itself.

There are many different types and styles of badges available in the market today, however a style that is fairly new is called Lapel badges. These products are made from many different things and there are essentially many of them to choose from. Some are even colored. An individual can even have his or her company logo printed on them.

Though ID Badges most likely began with business organizations, nowadays they are applied in many other types of institutions e.g. the police, schools, religious institutions etc. In the police and military, they are used to recognize special achievements or rank. All said and done, the one thing we can conclude with certainty about ID Badges is an employee or an official wearing one is never the same as one without.

Different types of printed Name Badges are available in the market. You can choose a type that suitably fits your needs. Three basic materials used for the production of ID Badges are plastic, paper and metal. You can design and produce paper name tags by own.

On the other hand, Lapel Pins is needed in the production of metal and plastic name tags. Most of the big companies have in-built name card printing department. Small companies usually use the services of professional badge printing firms.

So why go with this type of product? That answer is simple. They are new to the marketing industry and promoting of a business or company and a great way for others to see the advertisement of the company they are designed for.