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Promotional items help the industries, sellers, NGOs and anyone who wants to promote his new products or services for any cause.  These items have name, logo or important message of the company to promote the specific business. Most of the promotional items are wearable items such as t-shirts, badges, bands, caps and other includes pens, key chains, mugs, posters, mouse pads, product covers, etc. Almost all the promotional stuff is eco-friendly made up of recycle and renewed resources.

Usually, it is very inexpensive to promote the business using corporate gifts. However, one can also have expensive stuff to promote such as perfumes, electronic items, leather products, handbags, scarves and many more wearing the logo of the company. Large businesses go for the expensive promotional gifts to celebrities or worldwide famous personalities. As it is expected that the celebrities will carry the product in public or they also celebrities to click a photo of them wearing or carrying the gift. Then the company owners use that photo for promotion. The type of corporate gifts varies from country to country. Every nation has different ways of promoting the business. For large businesses, they have to choose the promotional stuff according to the location depending upon the tradition followed there.

Non Profit organizations such as schools or charities also use these promotional items to promote the cause of their work or any events they organize. Sometimes, these organizations do the same to raise awareness among public, collect funds or raise money. Politicians also make use of the badges or bands to promote the candidate in particular area or to attract people towards their party.

These products can be customized according to the requirement of promotion. The printing, designs, visual effects, lighting, artwork in the item all varies according to the business needs. Most promotional item distributors have their businesses online as it costs them very less. One can order any product giving them the details of logo, name or any message to be printed along with the number of pieces required. However, it is also good to provide the reason for promotion as they can show creativity in custom printing.